Church Teams



Teams were created to bring out talents as well as opportunity of members to serve God. The following are some of the ways you can be part of what God is doing in the United Evangelical Church/QIC. There are:

Membership Control Team

This team is primarily concerned with the crowd control with the Church. This includes the sitting arrangement in the church, Parking lots for vehicles and welcoming new members. Members of this team are also the “Church’s Special Gatemen and Women.”  They are to make sure that people attending the church are well attended to. It is a very sensitive ministry in the Church and it requires those with very large hearts.

The Outreach Team

This team is the team saddled with the responsibility of representing the church’s mandate on earth, Preaching the Gospel. For United Evangelical Church/ Qua Iboe Church, Utako, this team must be emphasized to members, encouraged and empowered for its work.

The Welfare Team

This team is saddled with the responsibility of reaching out to members who need physical, financial and moral assistance. The team makes sure that, the needy, widows, orphans, the sick, the bereaved and others in need of assistance that is not beyond the capacity of the Church, are helped as much as the church has the ability, not by compulsion, but in love.

The Prayer Team

This team is a spiritual team. It is the team upon whose strength the church rides on to glory. “A praying church is a powerful church” it is said. It is a team that increases the level of the church’s power when it comes to spiritual matters.

The Decoration Team

Beauty, decency and order are all demands that enhance a conducive atmosphere for worship in the Church of God. Worship is stronger when beauty couples with order and decency. The church therefore needs members who will serve God in this area of ministry.

The Media Team

The church and its members deserve the very best in all things including how its image is improved both within and outside the church. The Media Team is the image maker of the church in terms of how the church is projected to members of the Church and the outside world. They also produce video, audio and manage the internet.

Further enquiries please call: Ako Abbah on 08036001627, Arch. Barnabas Opaluwa on 08055230719 oremail:

The Children Department

The leadership of the church recognizes the place of the children in the church and as such has designed that children in the church be provided with an opportunity for growth and possible demonstration of their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as they engage themselves in meaningful activities within the church on regular basis. This can only be made possible through the commitments of adults who have special callings towards children.

The Medical Team

The Church needs a medical team or department that should be on ground in case of medical challenges and emergencies during services. The need for this cannot be over emphasized or else we will be leaving things to chance. To begin with, there must be a first aid arrangement in place from where the Church builds into a mini clinic. For this to be actualized, a team of experts is needed.

The Counseling Team

It is a common thing for members (both old and young) to be faced with heavy and divers kinds of challenges that can in some cases lead to some kinds of emotional or psychological consequences if not handled properly. The church must create an atmosphere where such people will be unburden. The counseling unit or team is not there only for marriages but for other cases as well.

The Education Team

The power of informed people cannot be underrated. There is need for the Church to engage in the processes and labors that keeps church members informed. Therefore, there are some educational works that requires very dedicated members to carry out by these committed people in order to reach out to people about God.

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