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Some times in the year 2011, the Resident Pastor, Pst. Reuben Benson came up with an initiative that will impact positively on the lives of the people around our neighbourhood. This initiative was designed in such a way that members of the church whose birthday falls within a particular month come up with some cash donations that are put together by the church to give meaningful lives to some needy members of our society within the city centre.

People were brought in to the church from neighboring communities like Daki-biyu, Utako Village, Jahi, Kado-kuchi, Gichiri etc when not less than 20 needy persons were given half bag of rice each, cash donations, toiletries, clothing and other personal effects on a monthly bases. The church has repeated this gestures to most of these communities more than one depending on the population and the numbers of needy persons that were found in such community.

In May 2012, a one day community development service was held in Jahi which run alongside one-on-one evangelism. On this day, over 350 adults with different common ailments were attended to by our team of qualified medical practitioners, over 200 children were registered to have been attended to and each of those patients had the opportunity of being witnessed to with the message of salvation in their different languages. A good numbers of souls were drawn to heaven as a result of this efforts.

To ensure a strong follow up on these converts was the rational behind the commencement of a fellowship centre in the Primary School at Jahi until the U. E. C. Utako secured a piece of land within the immediate community of Jahi where construction works is on going now and in an advance stage .


For the Missions Department to function adequately, the following are needed:

  1. A 4WD Jeep or Double Cabin Pick-Up (Hilux)
  2. Motorcycles for field missionaries
  3. Laptop and Desktop Computers with accessories
  4. Generators
  5. Projector and Screen
  6. Televisions
  7. DVD Player
  8. Set of Musical equipment
  9. Public Address Systems (Loud Speakers, Microphones, Amplifiers, etc)
  10. Funds to complete our various projects
  11. Etc.

We solicit the prayers and financial contributions of the generality of the people of God in other to actualize our aspirations and fulfill our dreams of chasing the impostor away from he is illegally occupying which belongs to our God.

God bless you as you identify with us in whatever capacity that you sense the leading of the Holy Spirit. Kindly fill the form below.

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